"We take in the most needy dogs: those who are sick, injured or vulnerable due to age."

- George Orfanidis

George Orfanidis has been rescuing animals in Greece, Crete for over 20 years and has devoted and dedicated his life to making a difference in a world of indifference. He has over 100 dogs that need our help. Speaking only Greek, George managed for many years on a shoestring budget before social media and a small team of volunteers brought his work to a wider audience.

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When you sponsor a stray pet at GSD, you help that animal in ways that can’t even be counted. With more than 100 animals currently being cared for at the sanctuary, you’ll be sure to find someone who captures your heart and sponsorships make great gifts for the animal lover in your life.

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GSD is all about giving an abused animal a second chance at life and to experience what true love is. We take animals that have been tortured, abused and neglected and supply the emergency medical care that is required to get them well. We then supply rehab physically and mentally to prepare them for their new home and new life. We have posted some of the animals we have helped below. Read their stories and experience their journey to survive and thrive.
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GSD is an open-admissions shelter and follows the socially conscious sheltering principles. This means we take in animals regardless of age, breed, health, and/or temperament, and place all healthy and behaviorally-sound animals.

We do not euthanize for time or space, nor is there a set time limit for how long a pet can remain in our care while awaiting its forever home.

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“Thank you for making this video …. it says it all about the kind of man George is. I now subscribe and donate monthly. I hope it helps 🤞 After the road was flooded… he carried their food and water by hand to them. A real hero.”
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