George Orfanidis

George Orfanidis has been rescuing animals in Greece, Crete for over 20 years and has devoted and dedicated his life to making a difference in a world of indifference. He has over 100 dogs that need our help. Speaking only Greek, George managed for many years on a shoestring budget before social media and a small team of volunteers brought his work to a wider audience.

All of George’s dogs now live on one site. He takes in the most needy dogs: those who are sick, injured or vulnerable due to age. Many dogs are injured due to traffic accidents and require expensive surgery to save them. We have numerous dogs with physical disabilities and a quarter of our dogs require daily medication to treat leishmaniasis. Our monthly vet bill is very high. In addition to raising money to feed our dogs and pay our vet bill, we are also striving to improve the very basic facilities we have on site. This includes making improvements to our security to keep the dogs safe.