George Orfanidis

George Orfanidis has been rescuing animals in Greece, Crete for over 20 years, he has devoted and dedicated his life to make a difference in a world of indifference. He has 100 dogs that need our help. Speaking only Greek, George has managed so far on a shoestring budget, but now he urgently needs to make some changes. George and friends have provided the land now they need help to relocate 45 dogs to the shelter, he needs some new enclosures and dog houses to provide for these 45 dogs being relocated. George is run off his feet bringing water up to the shelter every day and we would like to ease this burden by connecting the mains water supply before the winter as the road up to the shelter is treacherous. He is in a desperate situation and days go by when he doesn’t know how he will manage, we want to keep this shelter open so we ask for your help.

If we can all donate and if we are many we can share the amount, of course any amount that you can afford is appreciated. We ask people to share this website to help widen our audience … we feel we can make a difference and help change the welfare of these animals and keep this much needed shelter open. Please watch the video of the shelter to see the good work George does.