Finding love can take time. And for some animals, it’s taken a little longer than we hoped to find a perfect home. Some of them are long-term residents while others, for reasons out of their control, have been overlooked. We hope you’ll considering adopting one of these special animals and giving them the life they deserve.

NOTE – “All animals are given in accordance with Greek law including adoption contract, chip in the adopter’s name and sterilisation or a condition to do so at an appropriate age.”


This is one of the nicest and cutest bull terrier you will ever meet. (And there are lots of great bull terriers in the shelters looking for a forever family.


Hunter says good morning today. It was raining all day yesterday and overnight. Aamazingly, nothing on those big ears!


A beautiful beagle mix who was thrown over the shelter wall. 12 kilos and now in a foster home learning how to walk on a lead.