November 2020

Untold Animal Stories

Rescue in Crete … Sam Wilson is a volunteer. She is a former police inspector with Nottinghamshire, England police. She served on the force for 30 years and retired in September 2020.  A week later, she flew to Crete, Greece to volunteer with George Orfanidis and his George Stray Dogs organization.

October 2020

Wamiz Forever Pet

Living on the beautiful island of Crete is a man who has spent the last 20 years devoted to rescuing animals, and now he hopes his story will inspire others to do the same.

September 2020

Rescue and Animal CARE Magazine

Rescue and Animal CARE Magazine has been established for over 13 years. The concept of the title came to our publisher Jennifer Prowse when she read a sorry tale in a newspaper about a dog thrown out of a van on a dual carriageway, just because its owner decided it was too much to handle.

Today, we’d like to thank Jennifer Prowse, for publishing an article for George and his dogs in this month’s issue.